Antique Georgian 18 Karat Gold and Yellow Agate Intaglio Fob Seal

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The support comprising 4 mythological marine serpents to a heavy 5 stepped frame base. The Intaglio Crest with a Shield of 4 divisions, a lion, 3 birds, a cross, 2 leopard heads with 3 more crosses and above the Shield is a Lion. The actual colour of the Agate is a quiet light Brown/Yellow, not the bright Yellow that the photos show. The Gold work and Intaglio are in good condition and this type of Seal looks best when worn on a 22 inch chain or cord.

Dimensions: Seal Head 1 1/4 x 1 3/4 ins 1 3/4 ins high

Weight: 21.9g

Origin: English

circa 1800

Price: $1900