Major Carnelian Intaglio Ring

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Of large and imposing size and with a most interesting Armorial Coat of Arms, centered with a Shield devise, upon which are engraved 3 scallop shells, a chevron carved with 2 stars and a boars head, all on a hatched ground. At the top of the shield is a charming and unexpected Mermaid, holding a mirror and arranging her hair. Engraved around the upper edge is the Latin motto Nunquam Non Fidelis (Never Fail) This fine Intaglio could only have originally belonged to a famous nautical family whose origins probably go back 300 years or more.

Condition: Good

Weight: 13.5g

Dimensions of top: 2.5mm long x 2mm wide Finger size: USA 8 1/2 + UK R+ CN 19+

English: circa 1780

Price: $ 7700