My terms and guarantees.

The Latin term “Caveat Emptor” (Let the buyer beware) does not apply on my Website. I have high ethical standards and I only offer genuine items and to the best of my ability and experience, backed by the opinion of an independent and knowledgeable colleague, my pieces are as described, both in period and composition, however, should you not be pleased with an item, you may return it within seven days of your receiving it. The item must be in its original condition and returned to me by registered post.   If the item has been paid for by a major credit card then a refund will be authorized. Payments by cheque or transfer will be credited in the same manner in which they were received and for the same net amount. I hope this makes my terms clear in the unlikely event of your not being happy with a piece that you have purchased.

You will find several instances on my website, where I say ‘I am Told’. This means that I have been given information about an item, which is very likely to be true, but in most instances I could not prove.

You will occasionally see on the website, my opinion that an item is a MEMENTO OF THE GRAND TOUR. I will try and explain briefly what this means. From about the middle of the 17th Century until the middle of the 19th Century, wealthy aristocrats and more often, the eldest son of an aristocratic family, would be sent to Europe and Asia on The Grand Tour. This was done for the cultural experience and further education that would be achieved before the young man married and ‘settled down’ to run the family estates. These Grand Tours, with Florence, Venice and Rome as the principal destinations were funded by the parents and were conducted in a leisurely manner and sometimes took a very long time, whereas you and I would go off for a two or three week holiday, some Grand Tours took 15 years to complete. It was the Italian Renaissance that was the principal attraction for the English, its art and architecture were unparalleled. With regular supplies of money sent from England, artifacts from the smallest gem from antiquity, to paintings, bronzes and huge marble statues, all were purchased and sent back to England, forming large collections, some of which exist to this day. The Grand Tour could also encompass Egypt, Asia Minor (Turkey) and Greece. I read recently how the fifth Earl of Exeter, the owner of Burghley House, and his wife Anne, went on four fully recorded Grand Tours, between 1679 and 1699. Can you imagine what treasures they would have come home with?! I hope that this will explain to you why the United Kingdom has been and still is, a font of wonderful things from the glorious past, now being re-distributed around the world to the enjoyment of so man

To All My Customers. By reason of my experience, I certify to you, the buyer, that all items on my website, are genuine and as described.

Sincerely, Sue Brown.