1920s Pearl and Ruby Platinum Ring
1920s Pearl and Ruby Platinum Ring

1920s Pearl and Ruby Platinum Ring

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beautiful Burma rubies


I’m Sue Brown. Thank you for visiting my Website where I have many interesting rings to show you, plus other slightly ‘different’ items of jewellery to which I refer to as: 


How long have I been in my cherished business? Since 1974 with a small unit in Grays Antique Centre in London, but now I only show my pieces at certain quality antique fairs and here on my website. I am the sole owner of my business, the buyer and the seller and I am totally responsible for the authenticity, description and genuineness of any article of jewellery I sell, whether it is on my website, or any Antique Fair at which I display. Look for me at Olympia, the LAPADA Antique Fair in Mayfair and the Palm Beach Art and Antique show in the USA as well as other select events in the UK and USA.   John, my manager, is able to answer any questions or emails on my behalf, should I not be here to take your call.

So where did I learn my business? Well, like many other of my jewellery dealer contemporaries, in the busy and booming London street markets of Portobello, Bermondsey and Camden Passage. This was an exciting time for me, having arrived in the UK in 1971 and had not seen anything like this before. I am saddened to say that Camden is a shadow of its former self and Bermondsey is a tenth of its former glory and Portobello is under threat from creeping fashion outlets, so where to buy?? Online on certain websites that carry return guarantees, from dealers that you have grown to trust and from prime vetted Antique Fairs which will confirm the authenticity of their dealers merchandise.

 I hope you enjoy my website and if you find something that interests you, please enquire, without any obligation, by email or telephone, to find out more about the item and to be sure it is still available.

The Latin term “Caveat Emptor” (Let the buyer beware) does not apply on my Website. I have high ethical standards and I only offer genuine items and to the best of my ability and experience, backed by the opinion of an independent and knowledgeable colleague, my pieces are as described, both in period and composition, however, should you not be pleased with an item, you may return it within seven days of your receiving it. The item must be in its original condition and returned to me by registered post.   

If the item has been paid for by a major credit card then a credit will be authorized. Payments by cheque or transfer will be credited in the same manner in which they were received and for the same net amount. I hope this makes my terms clear in the unlikely event of your not being happy with a piece that you have purchased.

To all my customers: By reason of my experience, I certify to you, the buyer, that all items on my website, are genuine and as described.

Sincerely, Sue Brown.


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