Absolutely Splendid Gold Albert Chain

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This 117 year old Gold Albert is in near mint condition and was probably only worn during the Edwardian era and then inherited and never used again. It is further remarkable that every long link and every small oval link is hallmarked with the Crown and 18 and also on the bolt ring clasp and on the T bar, making a total of at least 67 hallmarks on the Albert! whereas rings, fob seals and brooches of this period are very often unmarked! This particular piece of jewellery, which was originally only worn by men has been totally taken over by women and looks great around a ladies neck with the T bar hanging in front.

The chances that I will ever again find an Albert of this quality and condition are pretty remote.

Condition: Very good Length in a straight line: 39 cm 15.5 ins

Weigh: 37.3g

Origin: English


Price: $3600