Antique American 18 Karat Gold and Bloodstone Intaglio Memorial Ring

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The reverse of the head is faintly engraved PH to GJW April 22 1870 and with an 18k mark in the shank.

The Bloodstone Intaglio, which is both bizarre and thought provoking, shows on the left the winged and bearded Grim Reaper standing behind a young girl and braiding her hair. Across his body is the handle of his scythe and the blade is resting upon the plinth on which the scene is carved. The girl is holding a plant and another object and there is an open book on the broken column before her. On the ground between her and the column, is a hour glass and the broken top of the column lies tilted on the ground. I am sure this is a most unusual Memorial Ring and like nothing I have ever seen before.

Condition: Good except script worn.

Dimensions of head: 1.5 cm wide x 2cm long

Finger size: US 10 UK U CN 22

Weight: 8.6 g

Origin: American

circa 1870

Price: $2900