Antique Gold and Enamel American Flag Locket Brooch

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The Enamelled Flag has 42 Stars, each one representing a State and I am told that this number of States dates the Brooch to 1889. The Locket back opens to reveal 2 unglazed photo compartments and the Gold is unmarked and tests for 14k, the piece is in good condition and with the Enamel intact. I found the Flag in an English county antique fair so I assume that it was brought back to the UK by a family in the late 19th century and I hope it will make its return journey to the USA soon. A historical patriotic jewel.
Condition: Good
Dimensions: 13/16 inch wide x 12/16 inch high including the pole
Weight: 8.4g
United States 1889

Price: $3900