Antique Seven Panel Japanese Shakudo Bracelet

Antique Seven Panel Japanese Shakudo Bracelet

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Japan, circa 1880

Materials: mixed metals including gold, silver, bronze, copper & others.  Bracelet frame and clasp are silver. 

Condition: very good condition overall
Width: 6.69 in. (17 cm)
Depth: 0.79 in. (2 cm) 

A superior quality Shakudo bracelet, made in Japan by the artists who created the beautiful sword hilts for the Samurai but unable to practice their trade after 1876 because the carrying of swords was forbidden, thus turning their skills to making these exquisite mixed metal scenes which are mainly versions of 17th & 18th century Japanese prints.  By 1900, the skills were lost so that is why I refer to it as "a short period of excellence".